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The Center de la Mer provides clients with a global offer of expertise and engineering to deal with port development and infrastructure projects of all sizes, from the environmental characterization of sites, the inventory of needs, the legal and economic study to the realization, support in regulatory environmental procedures and assistance with interview follow-ups

Expertise or rehabilitation

Diagnosis of the existing or environmental diagnosis

Environmental and hydrodynamic studies



Estimation of the service life of structures shipping in Senegal (2007)

For the sake of amortization of investments in the port infrastructure, the Autonomous Port of Dakar had us entrusted this study where it was a question of carrying out coring submarines in the quay walls. These samples have then subjected to physico-chemical analyzes and their compressive strength when raised. By taking into account the intrasecal analyzes of concretes, the structural layout of the structures and their operation usual, we allowed the Autonomous Port of Dakar to know which are the infrastructures to be rehabilitated and the structures to be rebuilt in order to extend their life residual life.

Expertise of the Wharf of the International Maritime Station (2008)

Our study enabled the Autonomous Port of Dakar to carry out current infrastructure, knowing that this area was a market and that the wharf was occupied by businesses. The study allowed the current layout of the vessels, the installation of bollards, mooring boxes etc. in effect, it allowed the current mooring of the ship Aline Sitoe Diatta, stability calculations judged the suitability of the Dukes of Alba to receive the moorings of the ship mentioned above


Expertise of the port of San Pedro Ivory Coast (2009)

With a view to acquiring a new generation gantry crane the port of San Pedro commissioned us to carry out a study to know if its quay walls were fit to receive such en gins. Our study made it possible to detect leaks of materials which can lead to subsidence at the level of the solid ground. An emergency rehabilitation plan has been drawn up for the gate service.

Hydrocarbon zone of the Autonomous Port of Dakar (2010)

Our company has been selected to diagnose the works in the hydrocarbon zone of the PAD, Petroleum Wharf, post 01 and 02 and bank quay 910 and 819. For the Oil Wharf, it was a question of carrying out measurements of residual sheet pile thickness by ultrasound. The stability calculations confirmed that the structure had reached its life limit and that his recovery was an emergency. Indeed, the thickness losses recorded had reached the asymptote of maximum allowable loss of thickness in medium tropical and humid.


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