Maritime Signaling Services

Maritime Signaling Services

Maritime signaling includes all the devices set up to assist maritime navigation. As regards to maritime signaling, the CDLM is specialized in:




For more than 10 years the CDLM has been supplying and installing lighted buoys, racons, range lights and other navigation aids. We intervene in ports and their outer harbors, navigation channels and canals, as well as in protected marine areas. The CDLM supplied and installed 120 lighted buoys in the Casamance river channel as part of the ORIO project.

Lighthouse rehabilitation

CDLM carried out civil engineering work and lighting installation for the Almadies lighthouse in Senegal, along with the construction of pylons at the entrance to the port of Dakar and lighting rehabilitation and installation works in Guinea-Bissau (Ilhes de Caio, Arlette, Biombo, Bernafel, Passaros and Ilho Del Réi)

Maritime works and earthworks

CDLM provides design and construction services for maritime and coastal protection, retention basins, earthworks and dredging. We offer our clients a full range of services from simple equipment rental to turnkey projects.

Our turnkey services provide our clients with solid and durable works, covering all stages from design to delivery. Our team includes marine and coastal engineers, civil engineers, experienced project managers, qualified topographers and many other industry professionals.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Design and dimensioning studies
  • Construction of earthworks and coastal protection works
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair

Our diversified equipment fleet allows us to adapt to all types of sites, ranging from shallow offshore to swampy areas.


CDLM conducts maritime engineering studies on behalf of public and private clients. CDLM is involved at each and every stage of the project, from preliminary studies, through work supervision, to the completion phases. Our team of qualified engineers enables us to provide detailed design studies for maritime structures and river structures.

Client: Eiffage Génie Civil Marine (EGCM) – Project: Grand Tortue Ahmeyim Project – Dakar YARD protection dam

As part of the Grand Tortue Ahmeyim Project, CDLM conducted the design study for the Dakar YARD protection dyke on behalf of EGCM. The Dakar YARD protection dyke is a maritime embankment located in the port of Dakar, which serves as a platform for the construction of floating caissons. The CDLM therefore carried out the design and sizing study for the platform’s maritime protection. Said protection consists of basaltic ripraps placed in a double layer onto a geotextile.

CDLM Maritime Signaling Services

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