Offshore work

Offshore work

CDLM regularly provides assistance, maintenance and construction work for hydrocarbons, ammonia, acid or water supply pipelines:



Tanker connection and disconnection support

CDLM is responsible for structural maintenance and underwater management of ICS and SAR’s offshore berths.

For the most part, these berths are composed of mooring boxes connected by bored pile chains, where the tankers responsible for loading or unloading products such as ammonia, crude acid, etc. via pipeline are moored.

Pipeline installation

Since 2013, the CDLM has been regularly installing outfalls and drinking water conveyances at sea.

Some of our projects:

  • Installation of more than 12km of DN 300mm pipeline, as part of the Sine Saloum delta islands drinking water supply project, as a subcontractor for CSE; in total, the land and marine works covered more than 120km
  • Towing and underwater installations for temporary storage of the Camberene pipeline at Corniche Est

CDLM Offshore work

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