General earthworks


CDLM also performs earthworks (backfilling - excavation - levelling - evacuation). Through our diversified equipment fleet, our experienced topographers and qualified operators, we provide clients with stable finished grounds. Thanks to extensive design studies, our work is optimized to avoid settlement, slippage or other ground collapses. Whether it's a topographical study or completion plans, our team rigorously carries out all necessary work. Client: CSE - Project: Drainage and urban development works for the basins and roads of phase 2 - tranche 2 (MBEUBEUSS SECTOR). The CDLM carried out development work on four drainage basins on behalf of the CSE. These works included excavation (27,318 m3), backfilling (877 m3), evacuation (26,441 m3) and mowing/clearing (22,489 m2).

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Coastal protection works

CDLM undertakes coastal protection works, such as the placement of seawalls, breakwaters, jetties, and the like. Our maritime protection works are designed to take into account integration into the marine environment, resource availability and environmental requirements. We ensure strict adherence to construction methodology and, if necessary, we suggest alternatives adapted to local conditions. We also assist our clients in optimizing project design (choice of filter layers, such as geotextile, rockfill, or both, choice of geotextile type, etc.). We cover a wide range of coastal protections: gabions, seawalls, dikes, etc. Based on our broad expertise in this field, we ensure that our clients receive solid, durable protection tailored to their needs.

Client: Eiffage Génie Civil Marine (EGCM) – Project: Grand Tortue Ahmeyim Project – Dakar YARD breakwater protection

After carrying out the design study for the embankment platform protection structure, CDLM constructed it. This turnkey project included all stages, from design to delivery. The structure consists of a lateritic riprap protection placed on a layer of geotextile filtration.

Client: AGETIP AGETIP – Project: Construction of the DIOKKOUL coastal protection (Rufisque – Senegal).

Faced with rising water levels, the socio-economic activities of many coastal villages are under threat. This is particularly the case for Diokoul, a village in Rufisque on the Dakar coast. To address this problem, the CDLM built a coastal protection dam for AGETIP. The dam consisted of approximately 20,000 m3 of basaltic riprap. The work also included excavation, reprofiling, compacted backfill and the installation of geotextile.

Dredging :

CDLM also executes dredging work for its clients.

Client: B&I – Project: Construction works for the Trans-Gambia Bridge.

CDLM carried out the dredging/cleaning of 300,000 m3 of sandy-muddy material, using an excavator installed on a barge.



The CDLM provides its clients with inspection services for their structures and assists them with any maintenance and repair work that may be required as a result of the inspection.

CDLM General earthworks

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