Ship work

Proper and efficient maintenance is essential for your vessels' longevity. In order to ensure proper maintenance, it is important to rely on expert handling skills. CDLM guarantees you excellent value for money, as well as reduced maintenance costs, for example through the option of carrying out submerged hull work.

CDLM offers several types of ship services, some of which are approved by the Veritas and American Bureau of Shipping:



Propeller fairing and polishing

Ships’ underwater hulls must be cleaned regularly to prevent the growth of microorganisms and shells. Tests conducted by experts have shown that algae and concretions on the propeller cause a 10% increase in fuel consumption. CDLM performs propeller fairing and polishing with hydraulic brushes.

Underwater ship inspection

Our inspections are supervised by a Veritas Bureau Agent or Bureau of Shipping Agent (BSA) and are carried out by divers equipped with audio and video headsets, allowing for their improved control and real-time monitoring. Each inspection is followed by a report, which includes photos and detailed comments.

Onshore operations

The CDLM uses a 16-metre launch and a 13-metre long barge capable of carrying oil drums and other heavy materials for onshore refueling and crew relief operations outside the port of Dakar. The CDLM is available for these operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each operation is followed by a report, which includes photos and detailed comments.


The CDLM has an active 24/7 team able to intervene in case of shipwrecks. We also offer the possibility of installing an anti-pollution containment boom to prevent the propagation of hydrocarbons. In close cooperation with the government, the CDLM intervened following the SeaSoul1, the Almadraba Uno and the Djola incidents.

CDLM Ship work

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